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Thank you for shopping for pro wrestling t-shirts, mugs, accessories, tank tops, and more with Immortal Entertainment. As a thank you, save 5% OFF Your next live event with our partner Immortal Seats. Use code: Real at checkout

About Us

Jesse “The Body” Ventura was once asked is Pro Wrestling Fake? His reply was, “No I said Politics is Fake” This quote inspired us to create the store of Pro Wrestling is Real. Where you can show love for Pro Wrestling and let everyone know that Pro Wrestling is Real, and People and Politics are fake.

Browse from t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, mugs in our des...ign selection for Men, Women and Kids who Love Wrestling! And for Adults who Loves Wrestling & Beer. Not afraid to tell someone if they are an “Asshole” or a “Wrestling Virgin” Meet our Mockup designs of NFL Players like Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski as “Road Warriors, Legion of Doom” Oh What a Rush! Pro Wrestling is Real, and Politics is Fake, Pro Wrestling is Real, and People are fake. And of course, for those who loath Pro Wrestling 24/7/365, pick up our 24/7 Eat Sleep Watch Pro Wrestling Repeat design. All sales are final, so if you are not sure what size you need, contact us in advance. Everything is shipped from USA.